Year 2 – 2016-17

Jan 06

It is hard to believe the holidays are a distance memory and we are already steaming head into our new school year.

This term we are answering the question – Who am I?

What makes each of us special and unique? How have we changed as we have grown and what things can we do to keep ourselves healthy and strong as we continue to develop.

What makes you special?

Can you draw, play football or ride a bike?  Or do you have any other hidden talents you would like to tell Year 2 about?

We are going to try some record breaking challenges to match the great success of Team GB at the Olympics –

Who is the fastest runner?

Who is the star reader?

Can you think of a challenge  for Year 2?


Across the school the reading challenge is continuing, let’s see if we can have every Year Two child winning a new book this term by reading at least once a night and being the best class in the school!




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